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UPSC CSE Toppers 2023-24

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The journey of UPSC CSE Toppers 2024 reflects the essence of resilience and determination required to conquer the challenging path towards success. Despite facing uncertainties and setbacks along the way, these aspirants remained steadfast in their pursuit of excellence, embodying the qualities of a successful UPSC candidate and a catalyst for positive change in society.


Success Statistics

The year 2024 witnessed a remarkable achievement, with a total of 1016 candidates recommended for prestigious appointments in various civil services, including the Indian Administrative Service, Indian Foreign Service, Indian Police Service, and Central Services Group A and Group B. Among these achievers, 347 hail from the general category, 115 from the Economically Weaker Sections, 303 from Other Backward Classes, 165 from Scheduled Castes, and 86 from Scheduled Tribes.


UPSC Toppers 2023-24: Profiles of Excellence


Aditya Srivastava - Rank 1

Aditya Srivastava's journey to securing Rank 1 in UPSC 2023 reflects a story of perseverance and resilience. Despite facing challenges and obstacles, Aditya's unwavering determination and hard work propelled him to the pinnacle of success. His academic background in Electric Engineering, coupled with his previous experience as an IPS Officer, exemplifies his dedication and commitment to public service.


Animesh Pradhan - Rank 2

Animesh Pradhan's outstanding performance and dedication earned him the prestigious Rank 2 in UPSC 2023. With a background in Computer Science from NIT Rourkela and a choice of Sociology as his optional subject, Animesh showcased exemplary academic prowess and leadership potential, setting a benchmark for aspiring civil servants.


Donuru Ananya Reddy - Rank 3

Donuru Ananya Reddy emerged as a beacon of success among female candidates, securing Rank 3 in UPSC 2023. Her remarkable achievement on her first attempt, coupled with her choice of Anthropology as an optional subject, reflects her determination, academic prowess, and leadership qualities. Ananya's journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring civil servants, highlighting the significance of dedication and hard work.


UPSC CSE Topper List 2023-24

Aditya Srivastava1
Animesh Pradhan 2
Donuru Ananya Reddy3
P K Sidharth Ramkumar4
Ruhani 5
Srishti Dabas6
Anmol Rathore 7
Ashish Kumar8
Aishwaryam Prajapati10


Inspirational Journey

The journey from an aspirant to a successful UPSC Topper is a testament to resilience, dedication, and unwavering commitment. Each candidate's story of triumph inspires countless others embarking on a similar path, reminding them that with dedication and perseverance, no dream is beyond reach. As these Toppers embark on their journey to serve the nation, they ignite hope and determination in the hearts of aspiring civil servants, paving the way for a brighter future.


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