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SHRI RAM IAS Study Centre has established in the name of LORD SHRI RAM, elder son of king Dashratha of Ayodhya. Before you start serious preparations, let me take this opportunity to discuss a few points with you.

India's best Online IAS coaching is Offering Online UPSC Coaching In Delhi Now! Get a chance to learn from the top educators of SHRI RAM IAS study centre now also through online interactive classes.

The online classes will be as lively and as interactive as the offline ones. The online course includes test series and study material will be delivered by post. SHRI RAM IAS study centre promises no compromise with the quality of teaching even through digital means. The course is beneficial for those aspirants who can't come to the national capital for the preparation of the UPSC exams as every civil services aspirant deserves the best even due to thousands of hindrance.

Best IAS Coaching in Delhi, Best IAS Coaching in Mukherjee Nagar

Many of you points before joining an Institute do not care to know about the antecedents of the Institute and its coaching standards. To be honest it is not advisable to get impressed by the magical words in newspaper/magazine publicity that every Institute today follows (may be we are no exception). You must enquire, before joining an Institute, about it experts, method of IAS coaching, number of actual successes as also the status (Preliminary / Main / Interview) at which the successful candidates sought coaching. This is important because some Institute gives the figures of their successes in several hundreds or in high percentage (as high as about 90% good enough to checkmate your reasoning). There are still others who present a rosy picture about themselves without presenting facts. Let me clarity the issues regarding SHRI RAM IAS Study Centre.