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UPSC Coaching Fees in Madhya Pradesh

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Are you searching for the best IAS coaching in Madhya Pradesh to kickstart your UPSC preparation journey? Look no further! SHRI RAM IAS Delhi is here to provide comprehensive guidance and support to help you ace the UPSC examination. Let's explore our coaching fees structure and discover why we are the preferred choice for IAS coaching in MP.

Coaching Programs Offered

1. Foundation Program (1 Year)

Fee: ₹1,50,000

Program Highlights: Our foundation program lays a robust groundwork for UPSC preparation, covering Prelims, Mains (General Studies), Essay, Compulsory Papers, Interview, and Test Series.

2. Undergraduate Program (1 Year)

Fee: ₹1,65,000

Program Highlights: Tailored for undergraduate students, this program provides intensive coaching necessary to crack the UPSC examination. It covers all components essential for success in the UPSC journey.

3. Foundation Program (1 Year)

Fee: ₹1,20,000

Program Highlights: Similar to the first foundation program, this option offers a comprehensive curriculum covering Prelims, Mains (General Studies), Essay, Compulsory Papers, Interview, and Test Series, focusing on building a strong foundational knowledge base.

4. Prelims + Mains (GS) + Optional (10-12 Months)

Fee: ₹1,25,000

Program Highlights: This specialized program covers the entire UPSC syllabus, including General Studies (Prelims and Mains), Essay, Compulsory Papers, Interview preparation, and Test Series. It also includes optional subject coaching to excel in your chosen field.

Read full fee structure here.

Key Features of SHRI RAM IAS Coaching

Experienced Faculty: Our institute boasts experienced and dedicated faculty members who provide personalized attention and guidance to every aspirant.

Comprehensive Study Material: We offer wellresearched and updated study material curated by experts to ensure candidates have access to the best resources for their preparation.

Regular Mock Tests: Our rigorous test series and mock exams simulate the actual UPSC examination environment, helping aspirants assess their performance and identify areas for improvement.

Interview Guidance: Our interview preparation sessions equip candidates with necessary skills and confidence to ace the UPSC interview round.

Why Choose SHRI RAM IAS Delhi?

Proven Track Record: Our institute has a history of producing successful UPSC candidates who have secured top ranks in the examination.

Holistic Approach: We provide holistic guidance beyond academics, focusing on personality development, communication skills, and overall confidencebuilding.

Affordable Fees: Despite offering topnotch coaching and facilities, our fees structure is competitive and affordable, making quality UPSC coaching accessible to all aspirants.


Choosing the right coaching institute is pivotal in your UPSC preparation journey. At SHRI RAM IAS Delhi, we are committed to providing aspirants with the bestinclass coaching and support to help them realize their dream of becoming civil servants. Our transparent fees structure reflects our dedication to offering quality education at affordable prices. Join us at SHRI RAM IAS Delhi and embark on your journey towards success in the UPSC examination!