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Parliament Security Breach: A Wake-Up Call for Enhanced Safety Measures

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A recent incident of a security breach at the Parliament complex has once again raised concerns about the safety and security of one of the most important symbols of democracy in India. On December 13, 2023, two individuals jumped into the Lok Sabha chamber and opened canisters that emitted a yellow gas, causing panic and chaos. This brazen act has raised questions about the effectiveness of existing security measures and the need for immediate action. In this blog, we will delve into the details of the security breach and discuss the importance of strengthening security protocols. Additionally, we will touch upon the relevance of IAS coaching in Delhi to address larger issues of governance and security.

The Incident:

The security breach unfolded during the parliamentary session, as two individuals identified as Sagar Sharma and Manoranjan D jumped from the public gallery into the Lok Sabha chamber. The intruders climbed from desk to desk, leaving MPs and security personnel scrambling to catch them. They also opened canisters containing a yellow gas, causing further chaos and confusion. Both individuals were eventually apprehended, and their motives are still under investigation.

Immediate Response and Action:

Following the security breach, the Lok Sabha Speaker, Om Birla, ordered a thorough investigation into the matter. He ensured that the intruders were swiftly caught and the materials in their possession were seized. The Delhi Police also detained two additional individuals, a man and a woman, who were protesting outside the Parliament with yellow smoke. The intensity of the incident prompted the suspension of visitor entry to the complex.

Demand for Accountability:

The Opposition in the Rajya Sabha demanded an explanation from Union Home Minister Amit Shah regarding the security lapse. Members of Parliament expressed their concerns about the breach and its potential ramifications. The incident is particularly significant as it occurred on the anniversary of the 2001 terror attack on the Parliament, where armed terrorists attempted to breach the premises.

Importance of Strengthening Security Measures:

The security breach at the Parliament complex underlines the pressing need to review and enhance existing security measures. Protecting the sanctity of the legislative body, which is representative of India's democratic system, is of utmost importance. The incident serves as a wake-up call to reevaluate security protocols and put in place more stringent measures to prevent such breaches in the future.

The Way Forward:

In the aftermath of the Parliament security breach, it is imperative that a comprehensive review of security infrastructure, procedures, and training is conducted. Identifying vulnerabilities and implementing robust security protocols can help prevent such incidents in the future. The concerned authorities should collaborate with security experts, technology specialists, and law enforcement agencies to devise foolproof security plans.


The security breach at the Parliament complex is a solemn reminder that the safety and integrity of our democratic institutions cannot be taken for granted. It is crucial to invest in improving security measures and upgrading training programs for security personnel. Additionally, aspiring civil servants pursuing their dreams through IAS coaching in Delhi can contribute to strengthening governance and security in the country. Only through collective efforts and a commitment to constant improvement can we ensure the inviolability of our democratic institutions.