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Farmer's Rejection of Centre's MSP Proposal Resumes Delhi March: Understanding the Implications

Farmer's Rejection of Centre's MSP Proposal Resumes Delhi March: Understanding the Implications Banner - The Best IAS Coaching in Delhi | SHRI RAM IAS Study Centre

The recent rejection of the central government's new proposal on Minimum Support Price (MSP) by farmers has reignited their protest and march to Delhi. This development holds significant implications for the agricultural sector and the welfare of farmers. In this blog, we will explore the reasons behind the farmer's rejection, their demands for MSP on all crops, and the subsequent resumption of their Delhi march on February 21. Furthermore, we will discuss the relevance of IAS coaching in Delhi for aspiring civil servants seeking a comprehensive understanding of the farmer's plight and the formulation of farmer-friendly policies.

Farmer's Rejection and Key Demands

Farmers have rejected the central government's new plan for MSP, stating that it does not meet their interests. The protesting farmers demand MSP on all 23 crops, rather than just pulses, maize, and cotton crops put forward by the government. The lack of clarity in the proposal further fueled their dissatisfaction.

The rejection of the MSP proposal by the farmers has prompted them to resume their "Delhi Chalo" march on February 21, intensifying their protest and drawing attention to their demands. The march symbolizes their determination to bring attention to the issues plaguing the agricultural sector and their commitment to securing a fair MSP for all crops.

Implications and Significance for UPSC Aspirants

The farmer's rejection of the MSP proposal highlights the deep-rooted issues within the agricultural sector and the dire need for farmer-friendly policies. It emphasizes the significance of understanding the complexities and challenges faced by farmers for aspiring civil servants, particularly those preparing for the UPSC examination.

IAS coaching in Delhi plays a crucial role in providing comprehensive guidance and knowledge to aspiring civil servants. The best IAS coaching in Delhi equips candidates with an understanding of agricultural policies, rural development, and farmer welfare schemes. It helps them analyze and comprehend the concerns of farmers, preparing them to contribute effectively to the formulation and implementation of farmer-friendly initiatives.

UPSC aspirants require a thorough knowledge of the agricultural sector and the challenges faced by farmers, including MSP and its implications. By enrolling in the best IAS coaching in Delhi, candidates gain access to expert guidance, study materials, and mock tests, enabling them to understand the complexities of agricultural policies.

Farmer's protests and MSP-related issues are often important areas covered in the UPSC examination. Aspirants need to be well-versed in the socio-economic implications of such protests, the government's role in addressing farmer's concerns, and possible solutions to improve agricultural sustainability.


The rejection of the central government's MSP proposal by farmers and their decision to resume the march to Delhi on February 21 underscore the urgency of addressing their demands for MSP on all crops. For UPSC aspirants, closely following these developments and understanding the intricacies of agricultural policies and farmer welfare schemes are crucial. The best IAS coaching in Delhi provides aspiring civil servants with the necessary knowledge and insight to tackle such issues, fostering their ability to contribute towards creating farmer-friendly policies and ensuring the welfare of the agricultural sector.