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Current Affairs for 14th March 2024

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Insights from the Democracy Report 2024

India's democratic standing faced scrutiny in the 'Democracy Report 2024' by the V-Dem Institute, revealing concerning trends and challenges.

India's Democratic Rankings

India ranked 104 in the Liberal Democracy Index (LDI), slipped to 110 in the Electoral Democracy Index (EDI), and placed 92 in the Liberal Component Index (LCI). These rankings reflect challenges in areas like freedom of expression, fair elections, media independence, and civil society participation.

Global Impact of Autocratization

The report highlighted a global trend of increasing autocratization, affecting 42 countries and around 3 billion people. South and Central Asia emerged as the second most autocratic region globally, with Bhutan standing as the sole liberal democracy in the area.

Architectural Excellence: Pritzker Architecture Prize 2024

Renowned Japanese architect Riken Yamamoto clinched the prestigious 2024 Pritzker Architecture Prize, known as the “Architecture Nobel”. His innovative designs prioritize family and community, integrating concepts like "relational living" and environmental preservation.

Ban on Harmful Food Colouring Agents in Karnataka

The Karnataka Government announced a ban on harmful colouring agents like Rodamine B and Tartrazine in popular food items, ensuring food safety and adherence to regulatory standards.

Advancements in Neuroscience: The Connectome Concept

Understanding the connectome, a complex neural network in the human brain, provides profound insights into brain function and neurological disorders, aiding advancements in neuroscience and health research.

Positive Economic Indicators from NSSO: 2023

India's National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) reported a significant drop in the unemployment rate, marking positive trends in economic recovery and growth, particularly in sectors like manufacturing, mining, and construction. Innovative Solutions: Hyodol Robot for Elderly Care South Korean company Hyodol introduced an AI care robot to combat loneliness among elders with dementia, offering customised care and monitoring features to improve their well-being.

KIRTI Programme for Talent Identification in Sports

The Khelo India Rising Talent Identification (KIRTI) programme aims to identify and nurture sports talent among school children while addressing social issues like drug addiction and gadget distractions.

Uniform Code for Pharmaceutical Marketing Practices (UCPMP) 2024

The Central Government rolled out a Uniform Code for Pharmaceutical Marketing Practices (UCPMP) to regulate ethical conduct, promotion practices, and relationships with healthcare professionals in the pharmaceutical industry, ensuring transparency and accountability. 

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