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Current Affairs for 1 April 2024

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The C-Vigil App and General Elections 2024

The C-Vigil app, developed by the Election Commission of India (ECI) for reporting violations of the Model Code of Conduct (MCC) during elections, has received over 79,000 complaints since the announcement of General Elections 2024. This user-friendly app connects citizens directly with the District Control Room, Returning Officer, and Flying Squads Teams. Through the app, citizens can quickly report incidents of political misconduct with photos, videos, or audios, and receive a unique ID to track their complaint. The app ensures a time-bound response to complaints and uses GPS for accurate location tracking of reported violations.

Decision Support System and Air Quality Check

The Decision Support System (DSS), developed by the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology (IITM) Pune, is set to resume functioning in September with new features. This system forecasts Delhi’s air quality and identifies pollution sources, including emissions from different sectors and biomass burning in neighboring states. It also assesses the impact of emission source-level interventions on air quality. The system, which operates in winter, was temporarily halted due to differences in forecasts and source contributions.

Group Of Friends and Strengthening Legal Frameworks

India, leading the Group of Friends (GOF) comprising 40 member states, convened a meeting to discuss strategies for strengthening legal frameworks against crimes targeting peacekeepers. The meeting highlighted member states' commitment, led by India, to protect peacekeepers worldwide. The GOF, launched by India in 2022 during its UN Security Council presidency, aims to promote accountability for crimes against peacekeepers.

SIPRI Data and International Arms Transfers

According to SIPRI data, India emerged as the leading arms importer globally from 2019 to 2023. This period saw a 4.7% increase in India's arms imports compared to the previous five years. The data also revealed that nine of the top 10 arms importers were from Asia, including India, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar. Additionally, there was a significant growth in arms exports by the United States and France.

X-Class Solar Flares and Solar Activity

Earth recently experienced an X-class solar flare, emitting intense radiation and affecting satellite communications and radio signals. Solar flares are large explosions on the sun's surface, emitting bursts of electromagnetic radiation across the spectrum. They are classified based on their strength, with X-class flares being the most powerful.

Cnemaspis vangoghi and New Lizard Species

A new lizard species named Cnemaspis vangoghi was discovered in the Southern Western Ghats. Named after Vincent Van Gogh due to its striking coloration resembling "The Starry Night," this species inhabits low-elevation forests and exhibits micro-endemism in its restricted habitat.

UNESCO Global Geoparks Network and Geological Sites

The UNESCO Global Geoparks Network added 18 sites of international geological significance. These geoparks manage landscapes for protection, education, and sustainable development. Designated sites must be protected under relevant legislation, promoting collaboration for geological conservation.

International Rice Research Institute and Low Methane Emission Varieties

The International Rice Research Institute focuses on developing rice varieties with low methane emissions through collaborative research. Founded in 1960, IRRI aims to reduce poverty and hunger while promoting environmental sustainability in rice farming.

100 Years Of Vaikom Satyagraha and Anti-Caste Movement

India celebrated the 100th anniversary of Vaikom Satyagraha, the first anti-caste movement aiming to establish rights for oppressed classes to access temples.

INDRA App and Weather Information

The INDRRA app, launched during World Meteorological Day, provides weather information and forecasts to aid decision-making. Developed by BISAG in coordination with the Indian Navy, it enhances weather-related decision-making.

Onyx Supersonic Cruise Missile and Enhancements

Russia's Onyx supersonic cruise missile is set to become deadlier with a new target seeker, enhancing its capabilities against surface and ground targets. Known for its speed and stealth features, the missile requires minimal target data for successful strikes.

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