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AI's Impact on Indian General Elections

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In the age of digital advancement, the use of artificial intelligence (AI) has permeated various spheres of human activity, including politics. Aspiring civil servants preparing for the UPSC exams must understand the nuances of how AI is shaping India's electoral landscape, particularly in the context of the ongoing general elections.



AI in Election Campaigns


The integration of AI into election campaigns is not a recent development. Political parties, notably the political parties, have been at the forefront of leveraging AI-driven tools since the 2014 general elections. From personalized messaging to targeted outreach, AI has revolutionized how campaigns are strategized and executed.


Real-Time Translation and Communication


Another significant application of AI in elections is real-time speech translation. Prime Minister Narendra Modi's speech at the Kashi Tamil Sangamam event, translated into multiple regional languages using AI-based tools like "Bhashini," exemplifies how technology bridges linguistic barriers and fosters inclusivity in political communication.


Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness


The adoption of AI in electoral processes offers numerous benefits, including cost reduction, time efficiency, and enhanced productivity. AI-powered communication channels, such as automated calls and surveys, streamline outreach efforts and enable parties to engage with voters on a larger scale at a fraction of traditional costs.


Challenges and Concerns


However, the proliferation of AI in politics also raises significant challenges. Deepfake videos, misinformation campaigns, and the potential for foreign interference through AI-generated content pose threats to the integrity and authenticity of electoral processes. Addressing these concerns requires a comprehensive regulatory framework and collaboration between election authorities and tech platforms.


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